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Staff updates and more!
Hey everyone! As you have noticed, quite a bit has happened in just one day. So here's some updates you might like or not Staff Updates: xCopyright promoted from Moderator to Admin pimpinpsp promoted from Trusted to Admin (welcome back to me) Dread9Nought...
Posted Sunday April 20th, 2014 by PimpinPSP. Views: 576 Replies: 44

Staff updates & donation ranking change
Recently we've had some Helper promotions/demotions. Once again, reasons for promotes/demotes will not be disclosed. Any comments asking will be removed. Helper promotions: Seblishus1 AlexisCariddi Helper demotions: BamBam9871 __June On another...
Posted Thursday April 10th, 2014 by Moderator. Views: 747 Replies: 27

Server problems - Maintenance
Hi Guys. Some of you may have noticed that the server is under "semi-maintenance" and that a lot of the server are down. This is because the ram on one of our servers is dying causing chunks to get corrupted and servers to crash constantly, so we are...
Posted Saturday April 5th, 2014 by Double0negative. Views: 768 Replies: 34

new Theme!
Hi Guys! I worked long and hard on this new theme@ I hope yall like iot!@
Posted Tuesday April 1st, 2014 by Double0negative. Views: 716 Replies: 45


Minecraft Superior Gaming is the Minecraft server for all your favorite games! Come play Survival games, SkyWars, and Supercraft bros all features custom plugins! Create something with your freinds on creative or PVE! Survive and defeat the enemy in Survival and PVP! Or just hang out with your friends on the hub! Come join us today and play.mc-sg.org!


You can purchase donator ranks to unlock cool new things such as the ability to have pets or use worldedit! Click here for more information